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Victim of horrific racially motived torture featured on I Survived.

Interracial dating led to horrific torture and near fatal burning.

In 2005, April Sykes was raped and tortured for 12 hours, then stabbed and set on fire. She survived, but lost both of her hands and required extensive reconstructive surgeries. The perpetrator was Sykes’ black boyfriend.

Sykes was recently featured on the Cable TV show, I Survived.

Over 95% of all assaults involved a black and white, have a black perpetrator and a white victim. These crimes are regularly censured, blacklisted, and downplayed by the “mainstream” media. In the extremely rare event that a black is victimized by a white person, it is automatically made a major national news story.

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Interracial dating is hardly the glamorous affair depicted on tv and in movies. Black men are 9 times more likely to beat or murder a girlfriend than white men. Heterosexual black men are over 14 times more likely to have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS than white men. The CDC also suggests that infected black men are much less likely to get tested and know they have the disease.

Black men are the leading cause of death of both young black males and female. When white women date black men, they immediately place themselves into this extremely high risk category for premature death.