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National Conferences

Our 2011 CofCC National Conference was held in Clemons, NC.
Click here to view a slideshow of the Conference.

Dani-James-IsabellaOur 2010 National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee was a huge success. Over 200 people attended over the course of the weekend. Speeches were made by Jared Taylor, James Edwards, and 16 others. Pictures, audio clips, and video clips will be available shortly!

Saturday Evening, after the conference concluded, the Political Cesspool was broadcast live remotely from the Conference room. Many speakers and conference attendees were interviewed. The world premier release of James Edwards’ book “Racism, Schmacism” was at the conference.

Click Here to listen to a recording of the show.

Hour 1 (There are a few dead spots due to technical problems during hour 1)
Hour 2
Hour 3

Photo Upper Right: James Edwards with new baby. Political Cesspool co-host Bill Rolen and guest sound technician Corwin are seen in the background.

2009 National Conference, Jackson, Mississippi
2008 National Conference, Muscle Shoals, Alabama
2007 National Conference, Greenville, South Carolina