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Author of NAACP Tea Party report is hard-core Marxist/Stalinist.

Leonard Zeskind, the main author of the NAACP attack on the TEA Party movement, is not a “colored person” and only interested in advancing Marxism (and his own bank account).

The NAACP chose a hard-core Communist and Mo Dees style con artist to pen its expose.

Zeskind published a book on “white racism” in 2009, which was a flop. He makes a living charging money to give speeches about “white racism,” and is trying to build a rival SPLC-style left-wing fund-raising hustle. On his profile with his booking agent he is listed under “Jewish Interest Speakers.” He is listed as having written articles for left-wing publications in the US and extreme-leftwing publications in Europe and Britain. He has even written articles for the openly Marxist “Searchlight” magazine in Britain.

In 1973, Zeskind surfaces as the leader of a militant Marxist group in Kansas City, known as The Sojourner Truth Organization. Literature for the group quoted mass murderer Joseph Stalin and called for “Revolution.”

In 1978, Zeskind penned an article for an openly Marxist Urgent Tasks, in which he calls for communist revolution.

In 1980, Zeskind is profiled in Kansas City Magazine. They called him a menace to “non-violent groups” on the left.

In 1986, Zeskind is listed as a leader in the National Anti-Klan Network[NAKN]. A heavily armed militant group closely connected to the American Communist Party. The Communist Party publication described the NAKN as “pro-Peking Stalinist.”


In November 2009, Zeskind opened the IREHR, his own rival SPLC. His vice president is a former director of the Center for New Community, another wannabe SPLC  fund-raising hustle that never went anywhere.

The purpose of the IREHR is to solicit donations using outlandish shock articles that portray the majority of all Americans as “racists.”

The IREHR is much more openly militant than the SPLC. It states that anyone who suggests that “America is a Christian nation,” is an “Anti-Semite.” It also says the “overwhelming majority of white people continue to take for granted the relative privileges accruing to their skin color.” Meaning that most whites are somehow, someway subtly abusing non-whites.

The IREHR also says it is dedicated to “Native American Sovereignty Rights.” A mission statement that is hypocritically in direct odds with their stated goals of a “multi-racial, multicultural society.”