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Chinese archaeological find shatters "Out of Africa" myth.

The “Out of Africa” myth is a theory put forth not by actual scientists but by left-wing liberal arts professors. The theory is not based on any scientific evidence, but on social and political dogma. Often, the science departments at liberal Universities are bullied into accepting such hogwash by leftist University heads.

Already the human genome project as well as the Neanderthal genome project have shattered the political motivated “Out of Africa” myth. The projects have discovered incredible differences between the genetic makeup of modern man along racial lines. Modern homo sapien races did not evolve from a single ancestor. In the case of Caucasians, genes originating with the Neanderthals are present. Neanderthal genes are also found, but to a lesser extent in Asians, but are completely absent in the Negro race. This is quite significant as experts widely recognize the Neanderthal as the most advanced pre-homo sapiens.

An archaeological find in China shows strong evidence of parallel human evolution with multiple, different ancestors. An anatomically modern human jawbone was found deep in the earth and comes from a time period in which such humans were only supposed to have existed in Africa.

[youtube yQgcqtBICAU]