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City Councilman leading campaign of racial harassment in Summerville, SC.

A lone white woman living in a black neighborhood in Summerville, SC is being racially harassed by bullies. They say they don’t like her Confederate flag and staged a protest in front of her house Saturday. The campaign of harassment is apparently being led by a radical left-wing Summerville, SC city council member, Aaron Brown.

About 35 people, lured with free food, demonstrated in front of a private residence in Summerville, SC. City Council member Aaron Brown led the group wearing an Obama baseball cap.

About 30 people, including some  local CofCC members, countered Brown and his mob. They stood in the woman’s yard with Confederate flags.

Once the main group of protesters and their police escort left, several young thugs remained and shouted racial slurs, profanities, and threats of violence. None of which is being reported by the media, who had a large presence.

See article in Charleston Post & Courier.