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France begins Greek-style meltdown. Socialism + Open Borders = Collapse.

France holds itself up as a Socialist utopia, with the shortest work week, longest vacation time, and earliest retirement age in Europe. All of which is supported by a massive tax burden. Meanwhile millions of immigrants were allowed to flood its cities from Africa and the Middle East.

Only 63% of all non-retired adult African immigrants in France hold a job! The figure among native born French is 81%. Immigrants have not only become chronic abusers, but they have much larger families than the native French. The result is that France can no longer pay for them and must cut Socialist entitlements to the taxpaying workforce to continue paying welfare benefits, which go disproportionately to the immigrant population.

34% of all non-EU immigrants in France live in subsidized housing. 44% of all Sub-Saharan African immigrants are on welfare. 32% of North African immigrants are on welfare. 20% of African immigrants are collecting unemployment benefits.

20% of immigrant households contain five or more people. Only 10% of the households of native French have five or more people.

This data comes from: Immigration and the dependence to the welfare system: The case of France, published January 2010.