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JPOST: "Time for Jews to reign in Obama"

Article in Israel’s leading paper highlights the growing rift between Jews and the rest of the Democratic party. The Jerusalem post has previously reported that 83% of American Jews voted for Obama.


To put it bluntly: It’s payback time, and Israel’s supporters should teach President Barack Obama a lesson by giving his party a stinging rebuke at the ballot box in November.

The stakes in this election are particularly high, as the Democrats face the prospect of losing their hegemony over one or both houses of Congress, which would be an enormous blow to their agenda to reshape America.

And by all accounts, things are not looking too good for Obama and his party. The Democrats, it appears, are about to be slammed by the political equivalent of a tidal wave, amid rising discontent over a weak economy and lackluster recovery. Various key figures in the party, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, may be swept away. Earlier this week, Reid slipped behind his Republican opponent Sharron Angle in the polls.

WITH THE races heating up, pollsters and pundits are predicting a further surge in support for the Republicans. As Michael Barone, the Washington Examiner’s senior political analyst and one of the savviest observers of American elections, noted earlier this week, the data suggest a Republican majority brewing in the House “the likes of which we have not seen since the election cycles of 1946 or even 1928.”

Over in the Senate, the party of Lincoln and Reagan stands to make significant gains as well. According to Real- ClearPolitics’ composite average of various polls, the Republicans will pick up at least eight seats, placing them within striking distance of an outright majority.

Another four seats are said to be tossups; if the GOP can pick up two or three of them, it’s game over.