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MA welfare debit cards used for gambling, booze, and electronics.

Massachusetts new welfare debit card allows authorities to track what the money is actually spent on.


Some people who receive welfare here in the Bay State choose not to buy the necessities, instead they use their EBT cards for slots, booze, or high-end electronic equipment.

In a revealing article in Friday’s Boston Herald, the state’s handling of the program utilizing these cards comes under heavy scrutiny.

People who receive the benefits from the Department of Transitional Assistance get the Electronic Benefits Transfer cards. It’s very much like the real ATM card.

When asked by the Herlad about how many liquor stores, bars, even casinos take the EBT cards, state officials couldn’t provide specific information.

The program doles out $392 million a year to 70,000 Massachusetts households with so-called little oversight, reports the Herald. That’s even though Gov. Patrick created a task force to crack down on welfare fraud in 2008.