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Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights cites woman for "discrimination" for requesting "Christian Roomate."

The actions by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights is a textbook Stalinist action. What’s next? Gulags for the politically incorrect?

A young single white woman who posted an ad on a church bulletin for “Christian Roommate” was cited by extremists running the Michigan Department of Civil Rights for “discrimination against non-Christians.”

The victim of the Department is a single woman wanting a roommate to live in her own home. She is not a landlord.

The complaint is signed by “Civil Rights Representative” Tyra Khan. The department is engaging in textbook Soviet-style authoritarianism. It seeks to regulate people’s social behavior to force into existence its own Utopian version of what the future should look like. This is one of the many horrors perpetrated all over Eastern Europe by Joseph Stalin.

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