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Most secretive president in US history, Obama still hiding birth certificate, donor lists, and college transcripts.

Obama was the only major presidential candidate in many decades to refuse to release his college transcripts and other documents. Now, even as president he still refuses to release any personal documents. Even his college thesis paper on the Soviet Union is under lock and key.

[youtube FFmrVXJdXyY]

Obama’s shadow financier George Soros? One reason for Obama’s secrecy is probably to conceal his financial relationship with Soros.

George Soros is a multi-billionaire who finances radical left-wing movements all over North America, Europe, and central Asia.

Soros is the son of the most famous Hungarian Jewish Nazi collaborator. When Hunagry collapsed in 1944, the Nazi party seized control of the nation to keep the Hungarian army in the fight. They financed their efforts by seizing the property of Hungarian Jews. Soro’s father made a huge amount of money while aiding the Nazi party in seizing the property of fellow Jews in Hungary.

During this time, his father changed their surname from Schwartz, a German name commonly used among Hungarian Jews, to the more Hungarian name Soros. After the war, the Soros family fled to England to escape the wrath of fellow Hungarian Jews returning from captivity in Poland.

Soros in turn made billions off of ruthless currency speculation. He is considered a great villain in Asia, for his role in the intentional creation of the Asian currency crises of the 1990’s. He was dubbed “the man who broke the bank of England,” by the British media.

Part of Obama’s campaign secrecy may be to conceal the source of money that originated from Soros and other international sources. It is known that Obama accepted $30,000 from impoverished Gaza Strip and West Bank donors. The Obama campaign claimed they were not “donations,” but revenue from the sale of Obama t-shirts.