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NAACP allegedly plans to release paper attacking CofCC. Bring it on!

The militant NAACP, originally founded by white and Jewish members of the American Socialist Party and American Progressive Party, did not even have a black leader until 1975. Its four previous heads had been four non-blacks, one Unitarian and three Jewish. The purpose of the NAACP was to mobilize blacks into a left-wing voter bloc while making condescending feel good overtures to the black community. The NAACP was bankrolled by Jewish board member Jacob Schiff. A wealthy banker who publicly bragged about giving money to the murderous Bolsheviks in Russia.

However, the original network of New York liberals and self-righteous spoiled brat rich kids who founded and ran the NAACP have completely lost control of it.

Today the NAACP is a well financed hardcore race lobby that aggressively fosters animosity towards whites and defends black candidates no matter how corrupt or absurdly unqualified (just look at SC where the NAACP is promoting Alvin Green).

The NAACP is expected to launch a new attack on the TEA Party movement, and multiple left-wing websites claim the CofCC will be the primary target.