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NAACP publishes report attacking CofCC.

The NAACP, a militant race lobby, has targeted the CofCC in a 96 page “expose” on “racism” in the TEA Party movement. The NAACP is holding a national press conference tomorrow.

The report focuses on the CofCC and a fictional story about John Lewis and Barney Frank. The so called “spitting/n-word” hoax, which did not actually happen. The alleged incident was captured on video camera, and none of the spitting or racial slurs even took place.

We would love to debate NAACP leaders one on one, but we know they would never agree to that. However, media may call CEO Gordon Baum at 636-940-8474 for interviews. The webmaster for can be reached at 843-821-5720.

For more information on the NAACP, click here.

NAACP Illustration for new report. Grasping at straws, the NAACP appears to be declaring three widely used historical flags to be “racist” symbols. To see report, click here.