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Obama brags about listening to ganster rap music!

Responsible black parents were shocked by Obama’s repeated endorsements of foul mouthed, violent black hip hop bands. The media and black organizations have been hailing Obama as the pre-einent role model for black people. What message is he really sending?

Photo Right: The Ganster rapper “Nas,” wearing a t-shirt that reads “nigger.” Obama recently named him as one of his favorite artists.

Photo Lower Left: Ludacris. Obama praised Ludicris during the campaign and made an appearance with him. Ludicris responded by writing a pro-Obama rap song in which he calls Hillary an “irrelevant bitch,” and suggests Obama will give him a pardon if he breaks the law.

Photo Lower Right: Lil Wayne. A thug with multiple felony convictions and prison gang tattoos on his face! Lil Wayne is not a former thug turned rapper. He is serving hard time in prison right now! Obama shocked parents by praising the thug’s violent music recently.

Photo Bottom: Obama actually names rapper Jay-Z as his favorite. This thug is most famous for his song “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” Beside being anti-female, the song is also very anti-white. The rapper blames his “real problems” on white people. Jay-Z campaigned for Obama during the election, performing at an anti-Republican rally in Miami.

From New York Daily News…

Last week, Thomas Chatterton Williams, author of “Losing My Cool: How a Father’s Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture,” gracefully tore President Obama a new one. A member of the hip-hop generation, Williams is one of those who are intensely critical of the violence, drug dealing, misogyny and crude materialism that distinguish hip hop.

Williams does not confuse it with what some call “progressive” hip hop and tends to become defensive if someone confuses the two. Categorical defenders of hip hop need to think about that serious distinction.

And so should the President, especially since any talk of hip hop is also a discussion of ethnicity, wealth and the celebrity-addled fans who worship the whorish spoils of fame.

In most cases, Barack Obama has been wise to remain largely mute on issues of race – and especially on irresponsible black behavior. And yet when he has not been wise, the President has stepped into large piles of hot mess.

For example, he should have avoided comment on the arrest of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis (Skip) Gates at his home in Cambridge. After wrongly declaring that the cops were wrong, the President had to backtrack. The ensuing “beer summit” at the White House was a highly publicized but silly attempt by Obama to scrape the soles of his shoes clean.

The most interesting fact of all got little attention: Gates, our most famous black studies professor, and the arresting officer James Crowley, are linked, according to DNA analysis, by a common ancestor, an ancient Irish warlord. That’s about as American as you can get.

The next bozo move was the rush to judgment resulting in the firing of Shirley Sherrod. Obama’s staff was so paranoid about Fox News broadcasting the truth about a supposed example of “reverse” racism, that it was conned by a doctored tape into believing that the woman had chosen not to help a white farmer, which was actually the opposite of the truth.

Obama wiped the egg off of his face by appearing on “The View.” It was a clever move, showing the country’s preference for seeing the President charm an ardent gaggle of female lightweights from both the left and right.

Now we are faced with a tempest in a teapot that has daunting implications. Obama gave an interview to Rolling Stone, which asked what he thought about pop music. The answer that he gave about what was on his iPod probably sent Michelle Obama chasing him through the White House with a rolling pin.

Obama mentioned Jay-Z, then went on to say that he has now expanded his listening to include Lil Wayne, that tattooed gargoyle now serving time for drug and gun possession at Rikers Island.

From Wall Street Journal…

What’s on President Obama’s iPod? A wide range, he told Rolling Stone magazine last week, from the jazz of John Coltrane to the ballads of Maria Callas. And more: “My rap palate has greatly improved,” Mr. Obama noted. “Jay-Z used to be sort of what pr

edominated, but now I’ve got a little Nas and a little Lil Wayne and some other stuff, but I would not claim to be an expert.”

Expert or not, that’s the wrong message for the president to be sending black America.

Does Mr. Obama like Lil Wayne’s “Lil Duffle Bag Boy”? In that song, the rapper implores young black men to “go and get their money” through round-the-clock drug hustling. And with Lil Wayne, it’s not just an act: The rapper is currently serving a one-year term on Rikers Island after being caught in New York with drugs and guns stashed in his Louis Vuitton overnighter.