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Obama/First Lady devote most of their campaign efforts to blacks.

For years the media has accused the Republican party of “racism” and “divisiveness” for targeting white voters. Even in instances where it wasn’t even true.

Now Obama and the First Lady both are devoting their campaigning efforts almost exclusively towards blacks. The DNC is pouring tens of millions into racially charged Obama ads on black radio stations. Where is the media with condemnations of “racism” and “divisiveness?”

From Chicago Sun Times…

In an effort to drive up turnout for the midterm elections in Chicago and other cities, Democrats are aiming a less-than-subtle message at African-American voters: “Our President Needs You.”

• Chicago is one of 18 cities with a President Obama radio ad blitz targeting African-American voters. The Democratic National Committee is buying $3 million worth of radio spots on stations with African-American audiences, including WGCI-FM, WGRB-AM and WVAZ-FM in Chicago.

“Two years ago, you voted in record numbers, and we won a victory few dreamed possible,” Obama says in the spot.

• First lady Michelle Obama took on a niche but crucial demographic, hosting a conference call on Oct. 12 aimed at getting female African Americans in the faith-based community to vote. Just as President Obama has reached out to African-America media, Mrs. Obama on Oct. 13 phoned into shows hosted by Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden — both of which have largely African-American audiences.