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Once again, the vast majority of suspected election fraud involves Democrats.

More and more instances of blatant absentee voter fraud by Democrats is emerging all over the country. Democrats are always the ones fighting laws that would make it harder to cheat, they are also the ones always getting caught cheating.

From Fox News…

In Minnesota, where Democratic Senator Al Franken’s controversial 312 vote victory over Republican Norm Coleman in 2008 still echoes with allegations that felons illegally voted, one group is taking voter fraud head on.

Election Integrity Watch has plastered Minneapolis and St. Paul with bus ads and billboards warning about voter fraud and the group is offering $500 rewards for tips that lead to convictions of fraud organizers.

Just this week, local prosecutors charged 47 more people with illegally voting in Minnesota in 2008, and additionally Minnesota Majority President Jeff Davis says they’ve uncovered 60 more cases of suspected fraud in the current election. Minnesota Majority is one of several groups that have formed the Election Integrity Watch coalition.

“What worries me the most is that honest citizens are being robbed of their votes. That’s my big concern,” says Davis. “I mean, election integrity is a cornerstone of our Democratic republic. People have fought and died for our freedom to go out and cast a vote and elect officials to represent us in our government.”

But some voters groups warn that poll watching by citizen watchdogs could lead to possible voter suppression. The N.Y.U. Brennan Center for Justice [A radical left-wing pro-Democrat outfit] fears some citizens could go too far.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is accused of sending out mailings under a fake name for the purpose of committing absentee ballot fraud!

From Philadelphia Enquirer…

Republicans are asking that all absentee ballots be preserved unopened until an investigation is conducted. District Attorney David Heckler has opened an investigation, but says his focus for now is preserving the evidence until after the election.

Board of Elections Director Deena Dean said her office was inundated last week with more than 100 calls from voters saying they were confused about a Democratic mailing they had received. The mailing, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, told recipients that their “participation in the forthcoming election may be placed in jeopardy” if they did not return an enclosed application for an absentee ballot.

Included was a postage-paid envelope, addressed to a “Voter Assistance Office” at a post office box maintained by the Democrats in Bristol.