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15,000 Russian Nationalists march in Moscow.

A march of 15,000 highly organized, young Russian nationalists in Moscow has sent shockwaves across Europe. The march was over double the size of last year’s march. Marchers chanted pro-Russian and pro-Christian slogans and called for a halt to immigration. The event was staged by multiple groups, the largest being the DPNI, or “Movement against Illegal Immigration.” The DPNI has thousands of members all over Russia. It is active in politics, and enjoys the support of many Russian members of parliament. It also conducts self-defense training and organizes neighborhood watches in areas with high immigrant crime. It’s young membership is believed to draw heavily from Nashi, a state sponsored patriotic youth movement in Russia.

The March occurred on Russian Unity Day, Nov 7th, a new holiday introduced in 2006 to replace a former Soviet holiday that commemorated the Bolshevik Revolution. Russian Unity Day commemorates the Russian victory over a Polish controlled occupation in 1612. Russian military colleges also commemorated Russian veterans of WWII on the same day.

The march ended with short speeches and musical performances.

Note: The first 4-5 minutes of the video only shows a small portion of the march. Wait or fast forward to 5 minutes in and you start to see excellent aerial shots. At about nine minutes you see a large CONFEDERATE FLAG!

[youtube gWsaDcJBsow]

More video.

[youtube mGBxqz2P4WY]