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Affirmative action in law enforcement has put thugs on police forces.

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A white police officer in Dallas asked an undercover black cop to help him transport a man he had just arrested to jail, which he agreed to do. At which point a third person began calling the black cop an “Uncle Tom” and a “house n*gger”, etc, repeatedly, for agreeing to help a white man.

Just who was this third person?

The suspect under arrest?


Some enraged family member of the suspect?


A New Black Panther who happened on the scene?


Tim Wise?

No (but only because he wasn’t in Dallas that day).

The person calling a black cop a “house n*gger” and “Uncle Tom” for helping a white cop in need of assistance was…another black cop. A detective, no less. Ain’t affirmative action wonderful?

Two Dallas narcotics detectives have been placed on restrictive duty after they got into a scuffle, possibly because one uttered racial slurs at the other during an earlier incident.

Both detectives are black.

The detectives, Charles Palmer and Dennis Malone, got into the scuffle in a parking garage at police headquarters about noon Friday. Palmer told supervisors that Malone was the aggressor.

Police say tension arose between the detectives earlier in the week when an undercover narcotics officer, who is white, asked Malone, who is black, for his assistance transporting a man arrested on a drug charge to jail.

Malone told supervisors that during that incident, on Wednesday, Palmer began calling him names because he had agreed to help the white officer. Malone told supervisors that Palmer, who is black, began calling him an “Uncle Tom” and the “N-word” as they were taking the prisoner to jail.

Officials are questioning a third narcotics officer, who is also black and witnessed the scuffle.

And notice that the investigation appears to be concerned only with the language used, and the physical scuffle. Apparently the Dallas PD doesn’t mind its black officers ridiculing each other for cooperating with white police officers. They just expect them to do it with a bit of decorum.

Dallas is the same city which hired David Brown as police chief, simply because he’s black, and in spite of the fact that his son was a convicted drug dealer. Shortly after Brown took office, his drug dealer son shot and killed two people, including a police officer. Then, because he was the son of the police chief, the Dallas Police Department gave the cop killer’s funeral a police escort.