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Anger mounts over extreme TSA behavoir.

Today the Senate Committee of “Homeland Security” defended aggressive pat downs and cancer causing full body scans. You would think that Al-Quaida has won. click here.

The following people sit on the committee are most responsible for the outrages at the airport. A rogues gallery of prominent leftists and neo-cons.

First column Democrats, second column Republicans. Joseph Lieberman is chairman. Collins is the ranking Republican.

Joseph I. Lieberman Chairman (CT) Susan M. Collins (ME)

Carl Levin (MI) Tom Coburn (OK)

Daniel K. Akaka (HI) Scott Brown (MA)

Thomas R. Carper (DE) John McCain (AZ)

Mark L. Pryor (AR) George V. Voinovich (OH)

Mary L. Landrieu (LA) John Ensign (NV)

Claire McCaskill (MO) Lindsey Graham (SC)

Jon Tester (MT)

Roland Burris (IL)

Christopher A. Coons (DE)