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Anti-white music featured on SNL.

Last night’s Saturday Night Live featured an illiterate black rapper known for anti-white outbursts and gratuitous use of profanity and racial slurs.

Power by Kanye West on Saturday night live.

The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open
We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, ma’fucka, we rollin’
Huh? Ma’fucka, we rollin’
With some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands
In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen
So goodnight, cruel world, I see you in the mornin’

In other words, blacks are cruelly mistreated by white men. However, the rap star shamelessly expresses his desire for “light-skinned girls” in the same verse. The rapper also brags about drinking and driving in the song.

While singing, the rapper wore a golden crown and several pounds of gold chains and armbands. On each side he had a black woman dressed as an ancient Egyptian, even though he prefers “light skinned girls.”