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Arizona voters trash affirmative action.

Ban of affirmative action practices by colleges and government entities passes 60-40. Arizona joins California, Michigan, Washington, and Nebraska, who have also passed such bans in state referendums.

From Arizona Daily Sun…

Arizona voters have approved a ballot measure to eliminate affirmative action programs in state and local governments.

Unofficial returns showed Proposition 107 leading by a wide margin.

Supporters said the need for affirmative action has long passed and amount to discrimination. They succeeded in amending the state’s constitution to ban state government and municipalities from giving preferential treatment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin.

Four other states have passed similar measures. They are California, Nebraska, Washington and Michigan.

Jennifer Gratz, spokesperson for “Yes on 107,” said the apparent victory in Arizona is the largest yet. “It’s the biggest victory that the initiative has had,” Graz said. “I think that with the margin we saw here it’s clear that the people of Arizona believe in fair and equal treatment for everyone.”

The measure also covers school districts and the public universities, although programs that would lose federal grant money by complying with a ban aren’t included.