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CNN: Overwhelming majority of SC blacks voted for Alvin Greene.

Alvin Greene is a mentally retarded, unstable, and unemployed black man facing felony obscenity charges in South Carolina. He humiliated white liberals by winning the South Carolina Democratic Primary for US Senate, beating an established white politician. He won because blacks voted for him simply because he is black.

For months the state media and national media begged and pleaded for blacks to stop supporting him as it was turning the South Carolina Democratic party into a nationwide laughing stock.

Alvin Greene got 28% of the vote in the election. CNN breaks the vote down by race.

Only 9% of white voters choose Greene. However 76% of black male voters and 83% of black female voters choose Greene. Only 9% of black voters cast their vote for Republican incumbent Jim DeMint.


Photo Right: Despite the pleading of white liberals, the NAACP defended and organized speaking engagements for Alvin Greene.