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CofCC Board Member Paul Fromm's bus ads.

CofCC National Board member Paul Fromm ran for mayor in Mississauga, Canada recently. This is Canada’s sixth largest city. He did not expect to perform well in this very liberal city,with it’s 89 year old unbeatable 11 term incumbent.

However, he said from the beginning that his purpose is to force the immigration issue into the headlines.

Paul Fromm’s “Fight Gridlock: Freeze Immigration” ads on public buses are still a hot topic of public discussion weeks after the election has ended. (His bus ads are still being displayed, even though the election was Oct. 25th).

The radical left-wing B’nia B’rith, parent organization of the ADL, and other leftists tried to get the public transit service to pull Fromm’s ads. This only led to more publicity, and Fromm was able to get his message out to more people than he ever has before.

For more details about Paul Fromm’s efforts in Canada see the latest issue of the Citizen’s Informer newspaper.

Hazel McCallion was elected to her 12th term in a staggering 92% of the vote. Paul Fromm and seven other candidates split the remaining 8% of the vote.