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US Government: Violent threat from "racists" is non-existent.

During the past couple decades, the SPLC has taken in hundreds of millions in donations by raising false alarms about eminent threats of mass violence from “racist” white terrorists.  Meanwhile, Hollywood and television churn out show after show depicting “racist” white people committing terrorist attacks.

The United States National Counterterrorism Center statistics prove the SPLC is wrong and that white racial terrorism is a complete fantasy of Hollywood and professional left-wing fund-raising hustles. The US National Counterterrorism Center advises the President, the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council.

Think Hollywood and the radical left will stop promoting fictional tales of “racist” white people committing terror attacks? Doubtful.

According to  USNCC records, only four people have died in terrorist attacks categorized as “Neo-Nazi/Fascist/White Supremacist” since 2001. When you look at the actual incidents, one of the murders was committed by the Turkish “Grey Wolves.” This is a Turkish nationalist group that hates white people. The center classified them as “Fascist.”

So the center lists four deaths and one was not even committed by a “white” person! Two of the other three occurred in Russia and one occurred in Washington DC.

You will note that the center lists almost 16,000 people killed in terrorist attacks by political groups. If you look at these incidents on their website, these attacks were carried about by a mixture of ethnic separatist groups, radical left-wing or communist groups, or radical left-wing/communist separatists.

So while “racist” whites killed 3 people, radical leftists and communists killed thousands. Muslim terrorists killed tens of thousands. In fact even “Jewish extremists” killed twice as many people as “racist” whites when there are only 15 million Jews in the entire world.