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Hate intrudes on Thanksgiving.

The SPLC publishes new list of enemies.


The Southern Poverty Law Center has placed a virtual who’s who of pro-family and Christian organizations, including the Family Research Council, the American Family Association and the Traditional Values Coalition, on a list of 13 “hate groups” for opposing the homosexual political agenda.

In its freshly released Winter 2010 Intelligence Report, SPLC labels five additional groups as “anti-gay,” including Concerned Women for America, the Christian Anti-Defamation Coalition, and Coral Ridge Ministries.

No authentic “hate” groups, by any conventional definition, are listed in SPLC’s article, “18 Anti-Gay Groups and Their Propaganda.”

“No organization better defines what a hate group is all about than the Southern Poverty Law Center,” said Robert Knight, Washington correspondent for Coral Ridge Ministries. “Smearing legitimate groups merely for disagreeing about homosexuality is a very hateful act.”

“Lumping Christian groups in with violent, racist gangs is a form of ‘bracketing,’ a political tactic described in the gay strategy manual ‘After the Ball.’ It’s guilt by association and it’s meant to intimidate,” Knight told WND.