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Immigration thwarting economic recovery.

Most new jobs are going to immigrants and “temporary foreign workers” who will work cheaper.

From NumbersUSA…

A new study released by the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center shows immigrant workers continue to gain jobs during the current jobs depression, even though U.S.-born workers are continuing to lose jobs. Many jobless Americans attribute their current situations to the influx of illegal aliens.

Since June 2009, the end of the “Great Recession,” foreign-born workers (both legal and illegal) have gained 656,000 jobs. At the same time, 1.2 million native-born workers have lost jobs during this period of recovery.

The study also points out that Hispanic Americans, such as Javier Gonzalez, are losing out on jobs to non-native Hispanic workers.  Hispanic immigrants gained nearly 100,000 construction jobs from 2009 to 2010, but native-born Hispanic Americans lost 133,000 of those very same jobs.