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Marxist former-guerilla fighter elected president of Brazil.

Dilma Rousseff, like Che Guevera, was a spoiled brat from a wealthy white family who turned into a Marxist guerrilla leader and self-proclaimed champion of non-whites. (Ever notice how many famous Communist leaders were from wealthy bourgeois families?)

Dilma was born to an extremely wealthy Bulgarian family living in Brazil. She went to Brazil’s elite French speaking private schools. Her family owned fifteen properties and had three servants.

In 1969, she joined a small terrorist cell that robbed banks and murdered two police officers.

Later she joined VAR Palmares, self-proclaimed “Marxist-Leninist Revolutionaries” who idolized Fidel Castro. She was later arrested and sent to prison.

Dilma became active in Brazilian politics in the 1980’s, after serving jail time.