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Marxist groups attack Mississippi Private School Association over CofCC support.

The multi-million dollar Marxist fund-raising hustle, known as the SPLC has renewed its attack on the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MSAIS). Several minor “wannabe” groups are also following the SPLC’s lead and urging followers to harass corporate sponsors of the association.

The SPLC is agitating against the association because the Mississippi CofCC holds annual fundraisers for two of its member schools. The SPLC, of course, wants donations to fight this evil menace. The Montgomery based group has been denounced as a con job by Alabama’s largest daily newspaper as well as the liberal Harpers Magazine.

The real reason that left-wingers hate the association is because they offer low cost private schooling that is safe, allows prayer in school, free of social experiments, with no left-wing propaganda in the classroom.

CofCC Vice President Bill Lord served as headmaster for member school Carrol academy for fourteen years. Both Bill Lord and the late CofCC Board member Herb Price were leaders of the private academy movement in the 50’s and 60’s. They helped found private academies in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Since the inception of the CofCC, Bill Lord has organized yearly events to financially benefit two Mississippi private academies. At the most recent event, 1200 barbecued chicken halves were sold. Bill Lord also organizes the massive “Blackhawk Rally” every four years. All Mississippi political candidates are invited to speak. The event raises money for school buses for a Mississippi private academy. Haley Barbour, then a candidate for Mississippi Governor, spoke at one.

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Photo Top Right: CofCC vice president Bill Lord, center, heads up a barbecue team at a fundraiser earlier this year.

Other Photos: The Portable BBQ Pit.