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MSNBC to resume broadcasts of radical leftist Keith Olberman.

Keith Olberman has been hemorrhaging MSNBC viewers since the beginning, and the network has been looking for a way to get rid of him. Earlier this year MSNBC put him on a 4 week “vacation” so a more popular substitute host could rebuild the time slot. Once Olberman came back, the time slot began rapidly losing viewers again.

Olberman violated MSNBC strict rules governing donations to political campaigns by on air personalities. Olberman gave donations to at least three far-left candidates in the last election cycle. Olberman was suspended without pay last week. Olberman was suspended last week. He will resume his position Tuesday, but his show remains is jeopardy due to poor ratings.

From Huffington Post…

“I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a statement.

Politico reported Friday that Olbermann had donated $2,400 each to Reps. Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, and to Kentucky Senate contender Jack Conway. While NBC News policy does not prohibit employees from donating to political candidates, it requires them to obtain prior approval from NBC News executives before doing so.

MSNBC has been given a stay of execution, only because of the rapid collapse of CNN. That network is now primarily watched by viewers overseas. It’s American audience is a small fraction of what it was ten years ago.

Cable News Ratings for November 4th. Viewers in millions. (This is just a one day snapshot)

#1 Bill O’Reilly 4.0
#2 Sean Hannity 2.85
#3 Bret Baier 2.53
#4 Glen Beck 2.43
#5 Shepard Smith 2.36
#6 Fox & Friends Morning Show 1.26
#7 Rachel Maddow 1.15
#8 Keith Olberman 1.11

Fox News gets more viewers in the morning than Olberman or Maddow get in the evening. Three people watch Fox News in the evening for every one person who watches MSNBC. Twice as many people watch the late night repeats on Fox News than the first run of the evening shows on MSNBC.