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Netanyahu: African Immigrants "dillute the country's Jewish character."

The Israel Parliament voted to build a massive 10,000 person detention center for illegal aliens from Africa. Israel is already building a massive wall along it’s Egyptian border and working with Egyptian border police to thwart illegal aliens from sub-Saharan Africa. In the past year Egyptian border police have shot and killed 15 sub-Saharan Africans illegally crossing into Israel.

Israel Interior minister Eli Yishai stated that only a tiny minority of the Africans are “genuine refugees.” Yishai also said that immigration would reduce Israelis to a minority in their own country.

The left-wing European media has gone ballistic, and printed hundreds of sob story articles about the alleged plight of illegal aliens from Africa.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at the European media, stating that African immigrants “dilute the country’s Jewish character.”

The European media is calling Israel’s illegal aliens “African job seekers,” and propaganda term that is even more insulting than “undocumented.” A large majority of sub-Saharan African immigrants legally living in Israel are on welfare and refuse to get jobs. There is no evidence that any new immigrants would do any different.

Ironically, many self-described Jewish organizations in the United States and Europe  remain on the forefront of defending open borders and illegal immigration.

Photo: The Egyptian border. Israeli is replacing the existing barriers with an electric fence backed up by motion detectors and state of the art electronic surveillance equipment.