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Palm Beach County hired child molester with taxpayer money to run camp.

Palm Beach County is spending over a million dollars a year of taxpayers money to send “impoverished” children to summer camp. Some of the people receiving money to run these camps are convicted felons and at least one child molester.

Photo: Convicted Child molester Ronnie Green has been arrested 30 times. County officials gave him $12,000 to run a summer camp.

From Palm Beach Post…

Before he was convicted of trying to rape a little girl, Ronnie Green enjoyed the trust of her mother. This is what he did with it:

On days when he was alone with the 6-year-old, he picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, tugged off her clothes and did unprintable things to her.

The nature of the attacks, and the length of time over which they occurred, were such that they left telltale scarring on the girl’s body, a doctor later would tell police. Investigators concluded the crimes happened in Miami over a five-year period, leading to 15 charges of capital sexual battery of a child. Green pleaded guilty in January 1994 to 10 counts of attempted sexual battery of a child younger than 12.

After he was convicted and locked away for more than four years, Green found God and got out of prison, he wrote in a letter to a circuit judge in Miami-Dade County. He became a pastor in West Palm Beach and now preaches in a shopping center church at 4047 Okeechobee Blvd.

When Palm Beach County readied to dole out payments this year to a new group of summer camp operators, Green’s church, J.I.T.A. Outreach Ministries, got in line.

On a form dated November 2009, a church representative, Ushae Lewis, wrote that six full-time church employees were ready to watch over as many as 100 children ages 5 to 16. Corporate records list six people as officers and directors of the church. One of them – the president – is Green. The county approved the camp and added it to its provider list.

Parents or guardians of 15 children sent their kids to Green’s church this past summer. The county paid Green’s company $12,000 to run the camp, called the Nu-Attitude Development Center.

Reached by telephone, Lewis refused to talk about the church camp. She described herself as an independent consultant hired by the church and said she has since moved to another organization. “I’m not affiliated with it anymore, so I can’t answer any questions,” Lewis said.