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Rahm Emanuel outsmarted by his own tenant! May be barred from running for mayor of Chicago.

Was it greed or stupidity? Why would a man who made $16 million between the years of 2000-2008 alone, rent out his Chicago house when he was planning to run for mayor of Chicago.

The radical leftist Rahm Emanuel left Obama’s side to run for his “Dream job” of Chicago mayor. However, he allegedly lied to election officials about who was living in his house. He may now be barred from running.

While serving as Obama’s chief of staff, Emanuel  foolishly rented his house despite being a multi-millionaire and despite plans to run for local office.

His tenant, businessman Rob Halpin, is refusing to leave because he wants to run for mayor too.

Halpin may have successfully thwarted Emanuel from being a candidate. After Halpin refused to leave, Emanuel allegedly lied to elections officials, claiming he was in fact living in the house. Emanuel had to be re-instated as a member of the local electorate after having been in DC with Obama.

But Adam Lasker, the chairman of the Chicago Bar Association’s Election Law Committee, said Emanuel’s legal challenge “might not save him. His real problem is not that he left Chicago, but that he decided to rent out his house here. This left him with no legal place in the city in which to reside. By contrast Barack Obama, who does not live in his Chicago house but has not rented it out, would be eligible.”

Photo Right: Is this man a genius politician or just a pawn? Rob Halpin is running for mayor of Chicago and may have successfully disqualified Emanuel by renting Emanuel’s house.