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A reader from South Africa writes in.

Subject: From terrible black South Africa

Message: Hello, I’ve been reading your site and really agree with your principles and reports. I’m stalked here by blacks and have to barricade myself in my house at night. Have had numerous crimes committed against me by blacks, but virtually nil from whites. My second car was taken in September this year at gunpoint by a black after closing my business and preparing to go home. 50% of the whites are losing their cars to blacks. I’ve a terrible hatred for the black nation now. I was also stabbed and robbed by one and nearly died, at age 19. My maternal grandfather was an American and made a big mistake to settle in Africa as a young man, contributing to me being born here. If I had a way out of here I’d take it gladly, but at age 63 now, it’s probably impossible. I only have a million and a half S.A. Rands to retire on, so I’m stuck in this terrible country. Keep up the good work! I’ll continue to get some solace from your
like-minded site. Emil