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Redistribution of Liberty

By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”

November 20, 2010

In case you wonder while boarding a plane, where have your Constitutional rights gone, I have the answer for you: they have been redistributed.

You have to “voluntarily” submit yourself to humiliating procedure that borders with sexual assault as a precondition to your exercise of your right to travel. Your genitals may be inspected, a TSA agent may wander with her hand under your wife’s skirt, and even your kids may be exposed on what you thought was child molesting.

And all this nonsense takes place while millions of Mexican illegal aliens, loyal to their La Raza (The Race) and not to our nation, violate America’s border and the immigration law as they please because, we are being told, any meaningful enforcement would create “a war zone” and offend Mexico.

As if this weren’t enough, verification of voter’s eligibility by means of proof of citizenship and photo ID has been deemed a violation of Constitutional right to vote, even though untold thousands of non-citizens fraudulently cast their votes in federal, state, and local elections.

As if this weren’t enough, either, Muslims are given free pass on importation and exercise of laws and customs of their half-religious and half-political Islam that are so incompatible with what our Constitutional Republic stands for, and – despite history of terror attacks and threats – they cannot even be suspect at the airports because, according Liberal orthodoxy, that would amount to racial profiling and discrimination.

And if all these weren’t enough, the “Liberal” apologists for the intrusive government, who maintain that passenger’s “safety” trumps all other considerations, will flatly reject any idea that passengers safety is also more important than the “Liberal” ideology that in a futile attempt to prove all people equal stops us from making obvious statistical connections between the flyer’s profile and the risk he poses to his fellow travelers. This submits our individual liberties to “Liberal” ideology (since our liberties yields to our safety which yields to “Liberal” ideology) – an un-Constitutional doctrine that was very much in order in Soviet Union (where it most likely have originated from) but is totally out of place in the U.S.

I am sure you can add quite a lot to this list of absurdities that are being forced down our throats.

But it’s more than just absurd effects. There is an obvious causality relationship here as well.

Because the Federal Government de facto refuses to keep all undesirable aliens on the other side of the American border, and even allows prospective troublemakers to obtain U.S. citizenship, because it refuses to “profile” those likely of breaking our nation’s laws, the same Federal Government is now compelled to trash our Constitutional liberties in order to remedy for the results of its own indolence (to say the least).

In other words, we are being forced to give up some of our God-given rights so that those who govern our country can keep bestowing various rights, and undeservedly so, on those who should not be allowed into our country in the first place. Not only do we see redistribution of America’s wealth, as our hi-tech manufacturing facilities, product of our nation’s ingenuity and hard work, are being siphoned to China, India, and Mexico while America is drowning in national debt, but also our Constitutional rights are being redistributed among foreign nations, religions, and cultures at our expense. How typical.

That’s core Liberalism. It’s far more dangerous than most of you think it is. And, according to most recent genetic research, it’s incurable.

So, beware of Liberals, both open and closeted ones. They are benign only when kept muted and powerless. Each time you elect a “Liberal” to any office of power or give one a forum to deceive and indoctrinate our youth, you make it more likely that our nation will, eventually, be “liberated” from its Constitutional liberties, and that these former liberties of ours, but not ours anymore, as our government has deprived and is depriving us of them for our protection, will be redistributed among the rapidly growing population of the rest of the world.

And if you would like to see the future of America under the “Liberal” rule then just go ahead and try to board a plane on your trip to Thanksgiving dinner next week. I guarantee you will not be amazed.