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Technorati blog rankings exposed as a fraud.

The well known website tracks and ranks hundreds of thousands of internet blog-style websites. It ranks blogs based on how many other blogs have posted recent links.

At least that is what they claim. Conservatives have long suspected the website is a fraud because of the large number of radical left-wing websites appearing on Technorati’s top 100 list. Conservative sites were noticeably scarce among the rankings.

A little research proves that Technorati is a fraud. They are outright blocking many conservative websites from their system.

Last year, had a respectable ranking and was steadily climbing. However, around the beginning of 2010 the list of recent incoming links to went from huge to zero.

It has stayed like this all year. Even when prominent blogs actively tracked by Technocratic posted new links to, none of them were ever picked up. The staff at tried everything to get it going; even creating a Technocrati account and trying to contact the owners.

In other words, Technorati permanently shows us as existing but having no following whatsoever, all while the CofCC Alexa rating is at an all time high. We have identified two other right-wing blogs that Technorati has also stopped tracking. Just more censorship from the left wing.