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The Onion Lampoons the Congo.

The Onion News Network will be probably denounced as “racist” for the fake subtitles it added to this video. Since the US taxpayers pump billions a year into Africa, should we not hold them accountable rather than make new excuses every year?

[youtube t7t9t7HzZR8]

Is the Onion really that far off? Recently Senegal used money received from the American taxpayers to pay a North Korean owned firm to build this statue. The statue was built within 100 yards of disease ridden squatter camps. The statue cost $27 million dollars and the money came from a $540 million “good governance bonus” from the American taxpayers. Hillary Clinton had lobbied on behalf of the Senegalese government for the bonus. The president of Senegal comically declared that all royalties generated from the statue belong solely to him, not the government, for coming up with the idea for the statue.

Numerous black American celebrities attended the unveiling. Including race hustling king Jesse Jackson.

Yesterday 60 minutes reporting the shocking story of how the Haiti government, despite receiving billions in aid, is holding shipping containers from American charities hostage. The 7th Day Adventist Church, which is building free housing in Haiti, was forced to pay a $6,120 ransom to get the Haitian government to release containers full of donated building supplies. In other stories, American charities have been forced to fly in American laborers because Haitian citizens simply refuse to work. American citizens are clearing the rubble even as tens of thousands of Haitians sit on their butts nearby. A CofCC member, who has been flown to Haiti twice to repair industrial machinery, was shocked to see the company employing workers from the the Philippines while thousands of Haitians lined the outside perimeter of the companies gates eating free food from delivered by charities.

Haiti receives hundreds of million per year from the US government and private charities. However they have received over $5 billion from around the world following an earthquake that killed 25,000-50,000 people. The Haitian government now claims 300k died, which has been proven false by a study conducted by the US census department.