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The true meaning of the Mexican flag.

About the Mexican Flag – Commentary by Steve Mason

The recent flap about the display of the Mexican flag in a Colorado school classroom, and how the outcry against it caused its removal, should make us all thankful for some small miracle. It shows that there is still a spark left in American minds for the preservation of our national identity, and that hopefully there exists some recognition for the menace that the planting of the Mexican flag on our soil represents, and the spiritual issues that are at stake here.

For this is a spiritual struggle, not just for the soul and existence of our Republic, but one that exists on a much deeper level, one that involves the meaning of Life itself, and Man’s spiritual relationship with the Universe and God. For this is rooted in the meaning of the Mexican flag itself, which, it will be shown, is a symbol of War, Imperialism, Conquest, and Satanic belief. Let’s examine the history and meaning of this blasphemous thing.

The Seal of the Mexican Republic that dominates the tricolor of that entity is an eagle perched on a cactus that grows out of a stone. This is the magical sign that the wandering tribe of barbarians we call the Aztecs, but calling themselves the Mexica, from whom Mexico takes its name, upon encountering, were to stop their wanderings and settle down, at which spot their Demon War God of the Sun, Huitzilipochtli, would give the Mexicans the world.

Just who were these Mexicans? They were one of many Nahua-speaking invaders that overswept Mesoamerica in the past millennium, overthrowing and destroying previous civilizations, bringing their practices of war and human sacrifice.

The Mexicans in particular, claimed to have originated from some mythical, nebulous homeland somewhere in the North called Aztlan, (from which the word Aztec came), but which today is our homeland in the United States, and claimed by the self-styled Chicanos, (itself a word that derives from the Mexica), as part of their Reconquesta. These Mexicans further claimed that their Demon War-God, Huitzilipochtli, ordered them to stay on the move until they saw the magical Eagle on the Cactus on the Stone.

But wherever these Mexicans wandered and migrated, they made themselves hated and unwelcome, due not only to their intrusions onto others’ land as a matter of their claimed sacred right (much like the illegal alien Mexican invasion of today), but due also to their uncouth and spiritually filthy behavior and attitudes, that involved some offensive, peculiarly bloody human sacrificial practices, wife-stealing, and incessant warfare.

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