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The wedges tearing up the multicultural utopia.

The staff at has been talking about two major rift in the Democratic party.

1. The rift between blacks and Hispanics. This rift heated up during the amnesty debate as polls shows an even higher percentage of black Americans opposed illegal immigration than whites. When the CofCC was holding protests against the Senate Amnesty bill back in 2006 and 2007, we often received support from a higher percentage of black motorists and pedestrians than white. However, the black leaders has aggressively defied their own constituency and showed solidarity with Hispanic leaders.

2. The rift between Zionist Democrats and anti-Zionists. This rift remains red hot and is poised to get even hotter as Obama moves towards a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia. On one hand Jewish Democrats and older Democrats tend to support Israel, while younger Democrats and some black Democrats tend to be hostile to Israel. Among the younger Democrat street activists there is an aggressive anti-Israel faction. They have decided that “Israel is the new Apartheid.” Even some major figures, like former president Jimmy Carter, have moved into this camp. Their aggressive anti-Israel stance has even led to animosity towards American Jews in the Democratic party. Recently the Boston Globe declared that Democrats, not Republicans, are more likely to harbor animosity towards Jews.

Very few people have been talking about this. During the election of Barack Obama, and Sean Hannity seemed to be the only ones even discussing this rift. Hannity predicted that Jews would defect to the Republican camp over Obama. Hannity was wrong. According the the Jerusalem Post, 80% of American Jews voted for Obama. However the Post has more recently declared that American Jews have “buyers remorse.”

3. The new rift is between black democrats versus White Democrats. This rift exploded out of nowhere in 2010. It played out in at least three states SC, FL, and LA, and is no playing out in the US House of Representatives. In short, white Democrats feel embarrassed when black Democrats continue to rally around incompetent and scandal ridden black democrats. When white Democrats ask blacks to cease their support, black become enraged. This has escalated to black leaders vowing to withhold support for future white Democratic candidates. The most obnoxious case is in South Carolina where a white Judge lost his Democratic Senate Primary to Alvin Greene, a mentally retarded, unstable, unemployed black man facing felony charges. The black man did not even campaign but won a landslide victory in a primary where over half the voters were black. The South Carolina Democratic party immediately became an international laughing stock. The media in SC pleaded with blacks not to support Greene. They did anyway. A full 80% of South Carolina’s black voters cast their ballot for Greene.

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