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White Catholics and whites over 60 fled Democrats in 2010 elections.

White people, especially white Catholics fled from the Democrats in record numbers this past election.

White Protestants voted Republican 69 – 29.

White Catholics voted Republican in an unprecedented 59 – 39. Up 7 points since 2008.

White Atheists voted Democrat 66 – 32. (Fortunately this group is far and away having the fewest children.)

Source: Pew Research.

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Republicans won 62% of the white vote nationwide. They won 73% of the white vote in the south.

Republicans won 54% of High School Graduates and 58% of college graduates. Democrats won 61% of High School Dropouts and 52% of postgraduates.

Republicans won 51% of American women and 57% of American men. Much of the increase comes from men and women over the age of 60. 56% of women over 60 voted Republican. 60% of men over 60 voted Republican. Both percentages are up significantly since last year.

91% of blacks voted Democrats (they must be racists)

66% of “Hispanics” voted Democrat

59% of Asian voted Democrat

Source: Fox News.

White support for Republicans is the highest in the South and among Mormons in the west. Ironically the Republican party was originally founded as an anti-South anti-Mormon party in 1854 by remnants of the Whig party.