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50% spike in worst sexual offenses in DC.

Remember when condescending white liberals claimed the election of Barack Obama would cause black crime rates to drop?

From Washington Times…

The number of serious sex assaults in the District skyrocketed nearly 50 percent this year compared with 2009, according to internal police statistics obtained by The Washington Examiner.

As of Dec. 12, there had been 200 serious sexual assaults in the city, compared with 137 at that point in 2009 — a 46 percent spike. The police department’s 2nd District, which extends from Georgetown through Foggy Bottom and north to Chevy Chase, saw a near tripling in the number of sexual assaults as it went from nine in 2009 to 24 in 2010. They nearly doubled in the 3rd District — from Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights to downtown — and in the 7th District, which includes Anacostia, Barry Farms and Washington Highlands.

Washington DC is 33% white, 54% black, 9% Latino, and 4% Asian. There 74,000 legal foreign born immigrants and an unknown number of illegal aliens. If “Diversity is our Strength,” shouldn’t Washington DC be a paradise by now? Instead it is an international embarrassment.