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Blacks performing WORSE in schools since Obama took over.

Remember when all the condescending white liberals were chanting “if only Obama could get elected, all the blacks will have a role model and do better in school.”

We now have a black president to provide them with a role model. Every state provides majority black public schools with far more money per pupil than majority white public schools. Yet the black dropout rate is increasing. When will the condescending white liberals ever admit they are wrong.

The two biggest examples of the fallacy of “more money” are DC and Missouri. Washington DC averages more money per pupil than any state. Its schools are almost all black. It has the worst performance in the entire industrialized world. In Missouri, majority black schools are so subsidized by the state that they receive DOUBLE the funding of poor all white schools in the Ozarks. The poor white kids in the Ozarks perform dramatically better.

From San Francisco Chronicle…

More than a third of California’s African American public high school students dropped out before graduation day, a startling number and one that’s on the rise, according to 2009 data released Tuesday.

The 37 percent African American dropout rate, up three percentage points from the prior year, was far above that of any other ethnic subgroup. Hispanic students had the second highest rate at 27 percent.

Locally, San Francisco cautiously celebrated a 9 percent overall dropout rate, a stark contrast to Oakland’s 40 percent, numbers still under review for accuracy.

The statewide statistics highlight a pervasive achievement gap in test scores and graduation rates that persists despite focused efforts to boost the academic performance of black, Hispanic and low-income students, state education officials said.

Overall, 22 percent of state students dropped out of high school, according to the new data, up from 19 percent the year before.