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Call your Senator on the left-wing's dime!

A toll free number has appeared in the Hispanic media for proponents of the massive DREAM ACT amnesty to call their state Senators. Someone is spending big money on this number specifically for those who want amnesty. But you can use the number too! When you call it will automatically route you to the offices of one of your state Senator’s based on your area code.

However, anyone can take advantage of this toll free number! When you call a recorded voice thanks you for trying to help get the Amnesty passed. It then connects you to the office of a US Senator from your state automatically based on your area code. The system is programed to direct you to your state Senator who is considered the most likely to change their vote.

Ignore the message at the beginning and tell the Senator’s staff member that you want him to “VOTE NO ON THE DREAM ACT!”

Harry Reid is going to try to slip this massive amnesty through again next week while everyone is getting ready for Christmas and not paying attention.

Call now. Your call will be paid for by some anonymous left-wing outfit, who has no control over what you actually say. Call now!