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Casting agent fired for wanting white Hobbits.

Casting agent for LOTR sequel fired when left-wing demands lawsuit for “brown skinned Hobbits.” White people may not have anything uniquely their own says UK leftists.

For their part, the radical American based SPLC denounced LOTR as “racist,” for casting all white people to portray a fantasy based on northern European mythology. The same group praised Machete, a movie about illegal aliens from Mexico graphically murdering white people.

From UK Guardian…

Shed a tear for social policy researcher Naz Humphreys, who will never be a hobbit. Humphreys, holidaying in New Zealand with her husband, travelled 80 miles from Auckland to Hamilton to attend a casting session for extras in the forthcoming Hobbit film. She had to queue for three hours. Three hours! To be a hobbit! Just imagining 700 hobbit-sized people, eyes bright with hope, snaking down the pavement as far as the eye can see, gives me a little hit of pleasure.

But at the end of this queue, a casting agent turned Humphreys, a Briton of Pakistani descent, away – with, it is reported, the words: “We are looking for light-skinned people. I’m not trying to be . . . whatever. It’s just the brief. You’ve got to look like a hobbit.” Humphreys, presumably convinced she looked like a hobbit, was outraged. Her heartbreak might have been similar to that felt by the one-legged Tarzan wannabe in the Pete and Dud sketch, hopping away frantically only to be told: “I’ve got nothing against your right leg. The trouble is – neither have you.”

Humphreys saw something more sinister. “It’s 2010,” she told a reporter for the Waikato Times. “I still can’t believe I’m being discriminated against because I have brown skin.” On hearing this, the film’s production company went into damage-limitation mode, making clear that casting Aryan hobbits was “not something we instructed or condoned”, and sacking the casting agent.