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"Cluster Killings" fueling rise in cop killings.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is reporting a 37% increase in cop killings in 2010 over 2009. They blame multiple cop killings, or “cluster killings,” for the increase.

The organization hasn’t released a full report of law enforcement victims for 2010, but their 2009 report show the following cluster killings.

Maurice Clemmons walked into a Seattle coffee shop and gunned down four uniformed police officers as they sat at a table. Clemmons, a black male, had just been released from prison.

Lovell Mixon laid an ambush for police and murdered four officers in the San Fransisco Bay area. Lovell, a black male, had been recently paroled but was a suspect in the violent rape of a twelve year old girl.

In Okaloosa County, Florida two law enforcement officers were murdered when they responded to a domestic violence call. The perp was a black male.

In Philadelphia, three police officers were murdered when the responded to a domestic violence call. The perp was a white male.

Two officers were murdered while serving a warrant in Seminole County, Florida. The perp was a black male.

While not a cluster killing, two officers were murdered two days in a row while patrolling projects in the Chicago area. The perps were black males.