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CNN opens pandora's box over gays in the military during wikileaks coverage.

Photo: Top Right. Pfc Manning, a homosexual serving in the military under the policy forced onto the Pentagon by the Clinton administration. He stole millions of pages of secret documents from the State Department, currently run by Clinton’s wife Hillary.

Photo: Bottom Right. Wikileaks owner Julian Assange. He served in the US military and CNN claims he is homosexual.

The main reason that the Pentagon does not want homosexuals in the military is because they have historically been a security risk. Homosexuals are viewed by the Pentagon as easily compromised and emotionally ¬†unstable. The Pentagon’s hyper-sensitivity towards homosexuals developed during the cold war because large numbers of Soviet spies caught in the US and Britain were homosexual.

As reported earlier on, CNN actually blamed the Pentagon’s views on homosexuality for the Wikileaks’ fiasco. Pfc. Manning is a homosexual. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who served in the United States army, is also alleged by CNN to be a homosexual.

CNN claims that the Pentagon’s policy on gays in the military made them feel bad and drove these homosexual men to steal and then publish these documents.

Do you see the error in this logic? Has CNN opened a major pandora’s box? Doesn’t this theft of documents validate the argument that homosexuals are a security risk?

Background. Watch as the left-wing Wolf Blitzer show actually blames the Pentagon’s policy on homosexuality for the cable leaks!

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