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Conservatives win the day!

The Democrats got the massive amnesty bill passed in the House yesterday, but FAILED to get enough votes for cloture in the Senate today.

The bill is most likely DEAD forever. The current session is almost over and dozens of left-wing Reps and Senators are being replaced by conservatives when the new session starts.

Your phone calls worked!

Never underestimate the power of your phone calls. The relentless barrage of phone calls to the offices of several US Senators saved the day.

The bill was tabled in the Senate. This does not put us in the clear. It just makes it very unlikely that Reid can get it passed before the session is up.

Radical left-wing amnesty support Senator Gutierrez is going bonkers, vowing mass “civil disobedience” by Hispanics. As if the millions of illegal aliens aren’t already engaged in massive disobedience already!