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Haitian mobs lynch 12 "witches" to stop spread of cholera.

Haitians mobs brutally massacred at least a dozen women accused of witchcraft, apparently believing it will stop the spread of cholera. Haiti is world famous for the widespread practice of witchcraft.

From Sydney Morning Herald…

Haitian mobs fearing a cholera epidemic have killed people whom they had accused of trying to spread the disease, including through witchcraft, police say.

”A dozen people accused of importing cholera to a region that so far has been spared were killed with machetes and stones and their corpses were burned in the streets,” a police inspector said.

A prosecutor, Kesner Numa, said: ”These people are accused of witchcraft related to cholera.” The attackers believed the victims were trying to ”plant a substance that spreads the disease in the region”.
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The first lynching cases took place last week. ”Since then we have had cases every day,” the prosecutor said.

Communities in the Grand Anse region in the far south-west of Haiti were refusing to co-operate with investigations into the killings.

”They really believe that witches are taking advantage of the cholera epidemic to kill.” It was not immediately clear if any of the victims had cholera.