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Israeli MP calls illegal immigration "demographic terrorism."

A prominent member of the Israeli parliament has called for the summary execution of Sinai Bedouins who help smuggle Sub-Saharan illegal aliens into Israel.

Israeli has declared the integration of Sub-Saharan Africans, mostly from Ethiopia, to be a failure. Israel has banned legal immigration from the region and enacted aggressive measures to stop the flow of illegal aliens from the region.


A prominent Israeli member of the Knesset has called for the killing of all Bedouins in Sinai involved in smuggling people into the country.

The head of the Knesset’s Committee on Foreign Workers, Yaakov Katz, called for the execution of every Bedouin with a shot to the head declaring that the smuggling of peoples into Israel is “demographic terrorism.”

During a heated debate in the Knesset Tuesday night regarding the issue of foreign workers, Katz suggested the formation of a special sniper unit to shoot any Bedouin detected smuggling. He also demanded that all Bedouins living in Israel be apprehended.

Katz, who heads the right wing National Union Party, defended this approach as an ideal method in fighting the phenomenon.

Declaring an emergency state which prevents the judiciary from interfering in army operations and conduct was another suggestion made by Katz. This would give the army vast freedom to operate.

The prime minister’s next step should be to appoint a new minister of defence able to construct a military plan to deal with the problem, Katz said.

A high-ranking military official in the reserve forces, Katz believes it is necessary for three military regiments to be stationed at the Egyptian border for five months for the problem to end.