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Man fights off racially motivated attack.

A phenomenon known as “happy slapping,” when black thugs videotape a racially motivated attacks, has occurred all over the United States, England, and France. Often videos of the attacks are posted online. Many times black gangs try to gain credibility with other gangs by committing and videotaping the most brutal attacks. Many times the attacks are committed against white women, and in a few cases horrific gang rapes have even been filmed to show to friends.

However, one video is circulating the net of a racially motivated attack where the attackers are humiliated. A mob of black thugs attacks a lone white man in front of  Mesquite High, in Mesquite, Texas. The school is only 31% white. The young man, who may be a student, repeatedly fights them off. The vicious attackers give up and a shocked black woman manning the camera congratulates the would be victim.

UPDATE: Youtube has censored the video. If anyone can find it anywhere else on the internet please notify us where it is. In the meantime we found another video from the same school. A black student viciously attacks the white principal in the cafeteria. Apparently black on white violence is completely out of control at this school.

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