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Marvel Studios turns Norse god black.

The relentless attack on European heritage has been expanded to mythology. Hollywood isn’t just re-writing recent history, they want to re-write European mythology and folklore with a left-wing multi-cultural slant.

Last week we brought you the story of how radical left-wing groups are demanding that the new Lord of the Rings prequel, a series based on northern European mythology, add non-whites to the cast.

This week Marvel Studios, a company already known for pushing left-wing ideology in its movies, released its trailer for Thor. The movie re-writes German mythology with a multi-cultural slant. The God Heimdall is played by a black man. An extra Chinese character is added to the pantheon for good measure as well.

Can you imagine the outrage if the same multi-cultural makeover was applied to other races?

Boycott Thor(2011) and Marvel Studios.