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Media censors race after mob of black teens riot and attack whites outside movie theater.

UPDATE: FoxNews has picked up the story and even they are censoring all mentions of race and concealing the fact that the attack was racially motivated. Click Here.

The local media is censoring the race of the perpetrators. Imagine for a second that the races were reversed. If a giant mob of whites attacked a black couple it would have been a national news story.

One of the victims and another white witness posted what really happened online.


“It was def a riot and very sad. It was my husband and I at the movies. Our first night together without the kids in a long time.

These girls would not be quiet and after nicely asking them to be quiet, we got cussed at. I then had to ask the manager to remove them.

As my husband and I left, about 10 black girls surrounded us. All under age. They kept asking me to hit them and I said no. Then 6 black males hit my husband from behind and ran. None of them had the balls to go face to face with him, they just ran. Then Charlotte’s husband said he had a firearm and to follow him, as the black cloud descended on us. Literally about 60 of them.

A black boy took off his shirt and started walking towards my husband and I had seen enough. I walked up to the boy and put my hands up and said “stop it, just stop” before I knew it he punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious and I was on the ground. Apparently (of course) he hit and run due to him being a coward. My husband ran after him and the crowd then come towards me. Charlotte’s husband pulled out the gun to get them away from me.

About half an hour later, the boys mother showed up being just as trashy as he was, yelling and screaming. Then the cops started getting attacked. They held their own though and had dogs and tazered many people. And that is how it happened.

I am Kalyn Freire. My husband is Federico Freire in case anyone wonders….this is the truth of how it all happened. Not what the paper put up. Happy New year to everyone.”